What we are…

EY3 is actually 2 companies working very closely together to offer complete design and manufacture solutions:

EY3 Engineering Ltd – Design

Design, Engineering and Project management.

Utilising Siemens NX 3D CAD software.

Most of the design/engineering projects undertaken have to be kept confidential, but customers range from Formula 1 to historic racing teams, touring cars to hyper cars.

EY3 Ltd – Manufacturing

Production engineering, Welding, Fabrication and Machining.

Producing parts for Motorsport, Automotive and Aviation industries.

EY3 currently produces a diverse range of components from 1-off to small-medium batch quantities, for customers in a variety of engineering sectors. Including TCR touring car bodyshells, historic Porsche 962 monocoques and EV motor components used in Formula E and the VW ID R Pikes Peak car.

Who we are…

The people behind EY3:

Kees Mense – Managing Director

Kees founded EY3 Ltd in 2002, after a 26 year career at Cosworth starting out as a junior engineer and progressing to become a senior manager in charge of engine testing and electronics. Gaining a wealth of experience in manufacturing, design, development and management along the way.

Success was in no short supply, winning countless Formula 1, IndyCar and other Championships around the world. With the legendary DFV engine dominating formula 1 for so many years.

As Managing Director of EY3 Ltd, Kees set up the company, initially concentrating on engine test services such as designing test equipment, engine Dyno control and data logging systems. The fabrication shop quickly followed and the company has evolved and expanded to provide engineering solutions from design through to manufacture. Its loyal customer base appreciate the willingness and ability to problem solve and offer complete solutions.

Daniel Mense – Engineering Director

Daniel founded EY3 Engineering Ltd in 2016, after 14 years as a Motorsport design engineer and project manager. Touring cars are his bread an butter having worked extensively on WTCC, DTM, BTCC and CTCC cars. But he has also worked on a wide variety of other Motorsport and Automotive vehicles including GT, LeMans prototypes and Hill climb/Time attack cars.

Racing success came from leading the design of the Chevrolet Cruze WTCC cars, winning 4 consecutive World Championships 2010-3. Other successes include the first full electric lap of LeMans in 2014 with the Nissan ZEOD RC. Also the electric and outright production car lap record of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2016-7 with the NIO EP9 hypercar.

As Engineering Director of EY3, Daniel’s experience as a hands on designer and project leader has seen the company hit the ground running. In its first two and half years EY3 Engineering have designed 3 manufacturer backed international touring cars (for CTCC, WTCR and BTCC). All 3 of which took a race win on their debut race meeting and championship honours in their first year – a record we aim to maintain!

John Thompson – Consultant

John is a world renowned racing car designer and constructor, who’s company TC Prototypes delivered many cars for various classes including: F1, F2, F3, IndyCar, DTM & sports cars.

Highlights include the LeMans winning Honda NSX.  Also the Porsche 962 sports car, for which EY3 now produce monocoques and parts to service the historic racing market.

Now retired, John still works with EY3 to support all of his cars, many of which are still racing around the world today.