Approach :

We like to work closely with our customers in order not only to deliver high-quality product, but also a high standard of service.  Often this means making suggestions to improve the product and/or to take cost out of the manufacturing process.

If we know that we will produce more than just a first off component, we will take that into account in our fixturing design and our processes, so that we achieve a consistent and cost-effective product for when we get to the batch making stage.

Capabilities :

  • Production engineering – Our team are highly skilled in design for manufacture and helping customers find cost effective solutions and products.
  • Reverse engineering – Particularity for our historic racing customers, we regularly recreate no longer available components by producing our own models/drawings from a sample part.
  • Welding – Aluminium, Magnesium, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel using a range of welding techniques: TIG, MIG, Gas Welding, Silver Soldering, Brazing, Spot Welding etc.
  • Fabrication – all types of metallic components, such sub frames, wishbones, uprights, radiators, intercoolers, exhausts, tanks, pipework, brackets etc. We have a flatbed jig to produce Motorsport bodyshells and other large fixtures for aluminium/honeycomb monocoque construction.
  • Machining – Our in house machine shop includes 3&4 axis CNC milling, CNC turning and a variety of manual machines.
  • Stores – Inventory controlled stores for stock of materials and components.
  • Inspection – Extensive range of inspection equipment to support both the Fabrication and Machine Shop. We are also used to self-certifying our parts where required by the customer.
  • Assembly – Our build shop has a 2-post car lift, allowing for inspection, modification and assembly of complete cars. As well as sub-assemblies such as dampers, suspension and drive-trains.
  • Jigs – In house design and manufacture of jigs and fixtures.
  • HV/EV Powertrain – As a trusted supplier to several companies, we produce a wider variety of copper components for high voltage electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Workforce – The most important part of our capabilities comes from our workforce who are all highly experienced and have a real passion for Motorsport.

Customers :

  • Motorsport – Current customers are racing in F1, FE, WTCC, BTCC, CTCC, TCR, WEC as well as companies specialising in the restoration and running of Historic Racing Cars.
  • Aviation – We have customers working in the repair and modification of existing aircraft, as well as the manufacture of parts for new microlights. In order to serve these customers, we have achieved CAA approval for the welding techniques required for each application.
  • Powertrain – Several of our customers specialise in Powertrain Design and Development, in particular HEV/EV vehicles. We support them during design and manufacture of prototype parts, through to batch production. For example EY3 produced parts have been used for Formula E and the VW ID R Pikes Peak car.
  • Others – There are a variety of other engineering industries we support, such as Automotive, Chemical engineering & Product design.