Introduction :

EY3 Engineering was founded in 2016 to add Motorsport design, engineering and project management to the established production side of the business. Offering the ability to deliver complete Motorsport vehicle design and manufacture projects. Taking on projects from formulation of initial concepts and design spec’s through detail design and on to manufacture and assembly.

We pride ourselves on producing winning cars and in its first two and half years EY3 Engineering have designed 3 manufacturer backed international touring cars (for CTCC, WTCR and BTCC). All 3 of which took a race win on their debut race meeting and championship honours in their first year – a record we aim to maintain!

The majority of our design work comes from Motorsport as it’s our passion and core capability, but the versatile skill set required also lends itself very well to a whole host of other engineering challenges. Because of this EY3 also takes on non-Motorsport design projects that interest and excite us, which in turn helps us to keep learning and growing as a business.

Services :

  • Project management – Our Engineering director has a wealth of experience in managing the delivery of winning Motorsport cars, but also high spec automotive hypercars with the all the attention to styling and ‘show car’ finish that that entails.
  • CAD Design – EY3 uses Siemens NX 3D CAD software. Producing 3D models used directly for manufacture of machined components and composite tooling as well as generating 2D drawings to communicate tolerances etc. The design team draws on a vast experience to produce all areas of the car, from chassis and suspension to bodywork and Powertrain, including electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Design for manufacture and assembly – Having manufacturing and build onsite ensures that our solutions incorporate feedback from the workshop at the design stage and that consideration is given to the most cost effective manufacturing and jigging methods at an early stage. Our engineers are also hands on in the workshop to get an appreciation of how their designs impact the end user.
  • Engineering – We use proven problem solving techniques to ensure we get to the route cause of problems and implement robust solutions. For analysis we use a range of tools from manual hand calculations to dedicated suspension geometry analysis software and FEA to verify our designs.
  • Development – Nothing stands still in Motorsport and the constant strive to improve is an essential trait we look for in all EY3 staff. Either by pushing to improve efficiency and performance in our own parts or taking existing designs to the next level.
  • Aerodynamics – This is a key area in all Motorsport projects and through our preferred partner we use state of the art CFD tools to maximise aerodynamic performance. For smaller projects without the time/budget for CFD we lean heavily on our aerodynamic experience to leverage great performance out of the box.
  • Prototyping – While 3D CAD gives us great visibility during the design phase, physical models still play a vital role in the design process. In house we can 3D print FDM parts up to 400x400x450mm, which are used for packaging, tooling, and evaluating ergonomics. More advanced rapid prototyping materials and techniques such as Carbon SLS are used for fully functional parts, allowing us to create amazingly complex forms that would be impossible or prohibitively expensive.
EY3 damper blow-off valve
Design tools : FEA, suspension geometry and CFD
In house 3D printing 400 x 400 x 450mm FDM