2021-12 WMC300FR launch

Launch of the WMC300FR scooter

Today saw the launch of the WMC300FR Police scooter.  EY3 has been working with White Motorcycle Concepts on this innovative project for just over a year now.  Taking the same patented through duct design used the land speed motorbike bike and applying it to a completely different motorcycle.  The bike is targeted at the first responder market and has been developed with input from the Northamptonshire Police force.  Based on a Yamaha Tricity 300, the WMC scooter simultaneously lifts performance and reduces emissions by combining aerodynamic drag reduction with a hybrid drive system.

Daniel Mense, EY3 Engineering Director: “Its an exciting solution that aims to help drive the transition to a greener future of transport.  Importantly it does this by reducing energy consumption, not just replacing one energy source with another.  EY3 is very proud to be part of the fantastic team behind this.”

More information: WMC300FR

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